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Transatlantic Slave Trade

During the Transatlantic Slave Trade period (15th – 19th centuries) slave traders violently captured, chained, branded and declared black African people their property, chattel. Slave trade supporters argued the African natives were inferior, sub-human and had no unalienable right to liberty. Additionally, slavery was necessary to the success and wealth of the country and if they did not engage in slavery others would; and the abolition of slavery would ruin their economy causing a total collapse.

As depicted in the charcoal drawing the chained woman was forcibly made a slave, branded as property and put to work, involuntary servitude for life.

This industry generated vast wealth and held considerable power, fully capable of protecting itself through corrupt politicians that legislatively thwarted the abolition movement for decades. Abolitionists such as William Wilberforce in Britain and many others brought the suffering and horrors of slavery to the public attention and eventually the slave trade was outlawed in Britain.

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Data Slave Trade

Overwhelmingly, consumers are distrustful of corporations, who for years have callously collected and exploited personal information, raking in billions while denying our human-digital dignity: our right to control and enjoy the benefits of our human-digital existence, instituting a data slave trade.

We are being continuously kidnapped, chained and branded the property of others, who argue it's their lawful property, "if it’s on our network, we own it", and systematically refuse to acknowledge any assertion of a universal ethic that affirms human-digital dignity - human-digital liberty - informational self-determination, and the right to be safe and secure in our human-digital existence.

Like the Africans during the Transatlantic Slave Trade period, we have been declared sub-human, inferior, the property of others. And the modern data traders can do essentially whatever they want with us, our present day human-digital person. Data slave traders make billions monetizing our information in advertising schemes, obliterating privacy and keeping us all in a state of cybersecurity weakness and vulnerability.

They argue we have no right of informational privacy: informational self-determination – right to control our information. Coupled with this data slave trade is an international cyber-criminal assault upon our weak and vulnerable state of being digital. Our financial, social, and medical information is increasingly being criminally violated, costing us and business billions with no end in sight.

We are anything but safe and secure in our human-digital existence. We exist in an ever expanding anti-liberty surveillance state that covertly and unlawfully tracks and monitors our lives, building super profiles on all of us. This always-on surveillance capability is largely the result of the out-of-control collection and profiteering conducted by powerful commercial entities.

The data slave trade, as the Transatlantic slave trade in the 16th-19th centuries was extremely lucrative and wheeled great political power due to an all too corrupt political process and persons in high office.

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Rise of the Anti-Liberty Surveillance State

The Data Slave Trade, Human Digital Trafficking and exploitation is prosperous and expanding. However, there is a tsunami of public fear and anger mounting given millions of affected consumers who are becoming increasingly aware of the always-on surveillance of their lives through their smartphones, computers, and emerging Internet of Things (IoT) devices - The Anti-Liberty Surveillance State.

Identity theft victims are especially aware of just how unsafe we all are in regards to cybercrime. The continued revelations (NSA contractor Edward Snowden) and debates over government secret spy programs, Apple v. FBI and forced backdoors, and our constitutional rights being undermined by a false and misleading trade-off between privacy and security is energizing a profound need for change.

Privacy and security are essential to liberty and our safety both individually and collectively as a nation and information society and digital economy. Tyrannical, evil regimes have consistently used information and spy networks against their populations to maintain coercive power. The human right to control (privacy) and safeguard (security) personal information against abuse is essential to liberty and security. However, this human right of privacy (informational self-determination) is not an absolute right.

Information can be used for us and against us, for good and evil. Due process is essential to justice and once a person is fairly and properly tried and convicted of a crime that record is made public for the public good, for public safety. We all have information about us or in our possession that we may wish to be kept secret ‘controlled’ and only available to those we trust or have a need to know.

If you want strong national security, realize that a strong, well-armed, well equipped and trained citizenry is best. Police cannot be everywhere at any time to prevent a crime, but millions of good, decent, law abiding and well-armed citizens can be ready to help stop a crime or act of terror in its tracks.

Regarding cybersecurity, the OPM breach is a classic example of exactly why trusting a careless and obstinate government bureaucracy is foolish and reckless. 21.5 million workers who had their security clearance files hacked know the hard truth: we are all vulnerable.

Citizens need to take control of their information wherever it exists. The security of this nation is the people and the people are the security of the nation. We’ve created another plane of existence, a cyber existence and we all need to be better equipped, trained and ready to secure this digital world and ourselves.

Many realize that the dreadful patterns of history, of wicked men, can and will repeat, the horrors of slavery and tyranny can and will arise if the people are not diligent and courageous in seeking liberty and truth. Foundational to liberty is justice for all – no favoritism, no bribes accepted, respect for the sanctity of life, truth and honesty, a commitment to personal integrity, goodness - ethics and a self-sacrificing, tough and authentic love that clings to what is good, hates what is evil and is willing to fight and die for the liberty and truth that makes us free to be and do what is right and good.

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Join the Human Digital Liberty Movement

If you wish to abolish the Data Slave Trade and the Anti-Liberty Police state: the disrespectful, unfettered collection and exploitation of our information, and begin to take back control of your personal information join and support the Human Digital Liberty Movement.

There is powerful big-business, big-government opposition to citizen-centric privacy, security and liberty. It is a well known fact that totalitarian regimes like China uses technology to surveil and control its citizens. It is highly unethical to deliberately annihilate unalienable human rights.

Technology, like our personal information can be used for us (good) and against us (evil). We at CYVA Research are designing and building our technology and services for people to secure and enjoy the benefits of privacy, security and liberty wherever they exist.

CYVA Research is one small business, one small effort to affirm and empower Human Digital Liberty: the right of individuals to protect and control their human digital existence, their human digital identity and information assets wherever they exist; and according to their terms and conditions derive value and/or benefit from the trustworthy use of their information assets.

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