Observation: primitive data objects cannot protect or govern self.

CYVA Research has designed a self-protecting, self-governing mobile object, a Self-Determining Digital Persona that enforces privacy and empowers the right of persons to be secure in their human-digital existence. These technologies are being built in accordance with our guiding architecture principles: human-digital dignity and human-digital integrity.

We all should respect human-digital dignity and the right of informational self-determination, the right of people to control their digital identity and personal information wherever they exist.

Human-digital integrity: never separate a person’s data from their policies, and the capability for them to enforce governance over the use of their human-digital identity wherever they exist.

CYVA Research is a software engineering, security consulting, and intellectual property management firm. The firm is forwarding a disruptive class of user-controlled, user-monetized identity and information asset management technologies and services.

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